Online Shopping Habits Men vs. Women (infographic)

An online store owner will examine their customer data in order to find news ways to grow their business, and better ways to target customers. Mostly they will look at stats on certain purchasing groups, but it’s not too often we stop and take a hard look at what the clear cut differences are between male and female shoppers. Therefore, we have created this info graphic in order to examine the differences between […]

Why Your Ecommerce Site Is Losing Money

A customer clicked on your website, found items they want to buy and even added them to his shopping cart. However, you aren’t out of the woods yet – you still need him to checkout, or all your hard work has been for nothing.

List of Best and Worst SEO practices

Here is a list of the factors that affect your rankings with Google, Bing, Yahoo! and the other search engines. The list contains positive, negative and neutral factors because all of them exist. Most of the factors in the checklist apply mainly to Google and partially to Bing, Yahoo! and all the other search engines of lesser importance.

9 Essential Elements of Choosing a Domain Name (Infographic)

The internet is a crowded place. Nearly 84,000 new domain names are registered every day, according to data compiled by web hosting tool, For small-business owners, that means it’s increasingly difficult to create a domain name that your customers will remember while still protecting your trademark and your brand. Check out the infographic below for useful tips on how to create a short, catchy and memorable domain name.   […]

Innovative Backlink Building Techniques in 2013

Even now in 2013 search engine exposure is what everybody wants. Even after the social media explosion and all those sites that come with so many opportunities. Why? Well it is all because of conversion! It has been proven numerous of times that SE traffic is more valuable than any other type of traffic. Basically, the search engine traffic is a goldmine for every webmaster out there. However, it is […]