Innovative Backlink Building Techniques in 2013

Even now in 2013 search engine exposure is what everybody wants. Even after the social media explosion and all those sites that come with so many opportunities. Why? Well it is all because of conversion! It has been proven numerous of times that SE traffic is more valuable than any other type of traffic. Basically, the search engine traffic is a goldmine for every webmaster out there.

However, it is quite difficult to get the results you want in these times when search engines are so fancy, and especially now after the Google Penguin update and all those algorithm changes. One thing is sure though, the value of backlinks has remained the same!

Of course, few changes were made in this sector too because not every backlink is necessary a healthy backlink, but if you are creative enough, you can obtain great results. Besides that, if you feel the need for some ideas on how to get genuine backlinks, I have created a list for you bellow. You can grow from these and come with your own ideas because the possibilities are endless!

Link Bait

In my opinion this is the most serious technique bringing best results no matter what. However, it is not so easy to implement and therefore not everybody can benefit from it. The concept of link bating is simple: bring quality and innovation and and search engines will make sure you get all the backlinks you need. If you are creative, dedicated and controversial enough, you can build a serious link baiting campaign on your website.

A great example of what good content for link baiting is can be found here. SEOmoz has spent great amount of time dedicated to this creative article which became a good conversation in the SEO world. With a little social media boost, the link became viral and now benefits from great attention from SEO enthusiasts out there.


Social Media Links

Search engines seem to trust social media more and more everyday making them a serious part of the SEM strategy. Another great thing is that social media links can be easily obtained through a bit of involvement in the community and also by building viral content. Being a part of important social sites like Google+ and Facebook is vital because these can generate most exposure and also because in some cases they can offer you dofollow backlinks.


Yahoo! Answers Backlinks

Most people think about Yahoo! Answers backlinks to be useless because they come with nofollow attribute. However, these links are highly targeted and can be quite beneficial for every online business owner. The fact that Yahoo Answers treats so many niches can turn into a serious traffic generator and profits too. Still, publishing clickable links on Yahoo Answers is only available for users with Level 2 and beyond. So, if you are active enough and manage to get at least 250 points you can turn Yahoo Answers in a traffic driving machine.


Broken Link Finder

This is indeed a brilliant technique which stands in the shadow for many webmasters out there, but it is quite a goldmine for the ones who use it. The idea behind this method is to find links that are broken on websites with same niche as yours and ask the webmaster of the site to replace that link with a resource available on your website. This way you help that website to grow in rankings by removing broken links and at the same time you grow your stats by getting a genuine and 100% related link to your website.


Giveaways and Contests

Everybody loves gifts and freebies so it would be a shame not to take advantage of this. If you offer a free piece of software, a free PSD or whatever you may consider appropriate it is hard not to get the attention of people in you niche. As long as you offer quality products and you give them for free, the gift for you will be the attention from people who link to you and ultimately, the attention of search engines. When it comes to contests, it is recommended to keep up to your competition, see what they offer and come with a better prize.

You can offer that prize to the ones who create a review of one of your products and links to you, if they tweet something from your website or something completely new and fascinating for everybody. Endless possibilities, it goes as far your imagination goes!


YouTube Links

YouTube, a fascinating website and service from Google, the father of all search engines. If you manage to get the attention of the community on YouTube, then you will most definitely get into Google’s attention too. Everybody knows that YouTube videos get lot’s of exposure in search engines and they actually rank much better than content from other sites. Besides that, everybody enjoys watching videos rather than reading content.

YouTube may not give you a dofollow link towards your website, but that link is still worthy because Google takes it into consideration even if many say they don’t. Just make sure you also create good connection between your YouTube videos too.


iOS and Android Apps

Everybody knows how popular iOS and Android apps can become and what’s their potential for a real business. However, people tend to omit one important aspect, the backlink opportunity available for developers. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a developer in order to create apps for iOS. You can hire someone to do this for you and afterwards you can just add a backlink to your website.


Wiki Links

Wikipedia is the number 7 website in the world in terms of traffic and also the number one choice for people who want to learn more about things. It may be quite hard to get your story and your links on Wikipedia, but there are hundreds of great wiki style sites where you can contribute with ease. Besides that, you can find articles and stories that may be related to what you do and easily implement a relevant link towards your website or resource.


RSS Directories

Personally I love these kind of directories because they don’t just give you a backlink, but backlinks for every new piece or content that you write on your website. You can stumble upon sites with dofollow or nofollow so be careful which one you pick. On top of that, some RSS directories benefit from communities which can help you build authority and serious profiles with backlinks.


Writing eBooks

I’ve been pleasantly surprised to see how much exposure can a simple ebook bring to your business. They are extremely easy to write and you can even hire a freelancer do that for you. Afterwards you can submit them to eBook directories, websites of speciality or just distribute them through your website. If the contents of that eBook are useful and impressive, people will make sure it will get the exposure it deserves.


Create Infographics

Everybody knows that nowadays people prefer a more visual friendly environment to learn from instead of the old, classic text. Usually, infographics are prefered by people who want content and therefore they embed that infographic along with a link on their website. Infographics are a great way to share info and they can be posted on lots of niched websites like or Pinterest, two giants who treat infographics with great respect and they reward them all the time.


Publish Slides

Another experiment of mine brought to light the true power behind online slides. It is well known that slides are preffered by many people who write presentations, but now this can evolve into an opportunity to generate HQ backlinks too. Just pick a website like and unleash your creativity to generate brilliant slideshows that can be viewed by millions of users. Each of these slides allows you to embed links, images and pretty much every element you have in mind.


Write Blogs

Nobody can forbid you to create multiple blogs, websites. In fact you can create as many blogs and websites you want, but it would be great to make sure each and everyone of these is updated frequently and it has good content. After that, you can link all of them together if they are related and they bring good content. If that’s not the case, then your new websites and blogs will only drag you down instead of giving you a good boost in search engines.


Guest Posting

This is a very old technique to help you get more backlinks, but still a very good one. All you have to do is to take advantage of your expertise and collaborate with some popular blogs in your niche. Ask webmasters if you can contribute to their community and I am sure they will allow you to link back to your own website. This way you will be able to receive targeted traffic and the attention of search engines in no time.


Internal Backlinking

Many forget about internal link building and believe that the only links that really matter are the links that come from other websites. In reallity, the internal links can provide you a great SEO advantage because this way you can direct search engines to less popular pages of your site from more popular ones. Besides that, having a good internal link building structure can give you more pageviews and generate a smaller bounce rate which can also improve your SE rankings.


Submit Content to Genuine Article Networks

You probably have head that most article directories are considered to be content farms and therefore they get less to none attention from search engines. However, that applies only to duplicate content and websites that have no actually original pieces on them. You should know that there are sites like HubPages, Squidoo or



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