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Systems & Networks Consulting

We provide management services and systems upgrade and design, networks implementation and support. We supply, computers and servers installation, operating systems installation, device drivers, applications and peripherals. We are specialized and recommend the use of open source software due to its low price, quality and the continuous rapid upgrading.

Server services include:

  • File server

    Secure and smooth access to files through various protocols (FTP, Samba, NFS…)

  • Mail server

    Send and receive e-mails through various protocols (SMTP, POP3, IMAP…)

  • Web server

    Implementation of web pages and applications. Recommended use of Apache Web Server.

  • Database server

    Database management that can be used by web applications. Recommended use of MySQL Database Server.

  • Proxy server

    Access control to sites, safety and response speed increase of frequently visited pages. Recommended use of Squid Proxy Server.

  • Backup server

    Secure data backup for any time recovery.

Network services include:

  • Wireless and wired networks design, setup and upgrade.
  • Firewall to protect the network and hence the systems connected to it.
  • Fail-over/Load Balancingin order to use alternative network access (local/internet), or the simultaneous use of two or more lines.
  • Virtual Private Networks for secure remote communication networks.
  • Systems and services monitoring and notification in case of a problem via e-mail and sms
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