Web Dogma. 10 rules of creating sites

Eric Reiss is a specialist on issues of information architecture, usability and user experience and he suggested 10 rules (he calls it web dogma) that every site owners and people who work on a site creation and optimization should certainly follow to make their site successful and to improve its usability.

Though these terms sound pretty scary, but the subject area they describe is important for everyone working with both structure and design websites and their content.

Here are these 10 rules:

1. Everything that exists only to satisfy the inner policy of a site owner must be eliminated.

2. Everything that exists only to satisfy the ego of a designer must be eliminated.

3. Anything that does not correspond to the content of the page should be eliminated.

4. Any functionality or technology, which hinders the freedom of movement on the site, should be corrected or eliminated.

5. Any interactive object that forces the user to guess its purpose should be corrected or eliminated.

6. To ensure the proper functioning of a site it should not be required any software except a browser.

7. The content should be readable, printable, and downloadable.

8. Usability must never be sacrificed for the sake of a style guide.

9. Users shouldn’t be asked to register or provide their personal data if it is not necessary for the provision of the services.

10. Violation of any of these rules before you started your project is barbarism.


Also he has made two very essential comments:

• About the difficulties of negotiations with customers – the owners of sites that have a tendency to claim on many items to these rules:
If we do not require the best sites – we will never get them”.

• And about the priorities of work:
Do not work to prevent problems. Work for a better result.

Therefore, if you strive all the time to excel and do the best you can to make your site better, use these rules as a basis for the development of your future opportunities.


by AndrewG at splashnology

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